Thank you for getting the Ercolina SB48 out last week. We were under a lot of pressure from our customer and we were able to bend 300 handles for them over the weekend. We appreciate your help and service.

One More Satisfied Fabricator

The (Erco Bender 76) bender has been a great addition to SAPA Redd Team equipment and is working fine. On behalf of everyone here we appreciate you and Ercolina’s support on the installation and the training that you provided as well as the opportunity to be featured in Ercolina’s newsletter.

Richard Haire - Redd Team Fabrication / Sapa Extrusions North America

Our new Ercolina Model ER60H3 with the anti twist attachment replaced an older Promac 6 RPM screw adjust two drive roll ring machine. This new Ercolina with three drive rollers and hydraulic repeat memory runs at 20 RPM and produces a perfect ring time after time with no buckling and distortion. We have increased accuracy and production by at least 1000% our investment paid for itself within the first month of operation. Maxant Industries is a manufacturer of angle rings for our tanks leg in, leg out, and stainless steel bar the hard way.

Theodore Maxant - Chief Plant Engineer, Maxant Honey Processing Equipment

Over the years we have purchased many Ercolina machines. Our 1st bender was an 060 Super Bender purchased in 1994 and we have since purchased 2 Top Benders and 2 Mega Benders. We have also purchased an Ercolina Pipe & Angle Roll as well to do our large radius bending. All of these machines remain in our shop today and we have been very satisfied with their dependability and productivity.

It's amazing how much faster it is using a bender for fabricating handrail. Our shop guy Steve can fabricate a four bend wall rail in less than 10 minutes...bend, trim the ends and attach the wall brackets and he's done. It's a great machine to have if you're in the stair business.

Sam Ryman - National Stair Corp. Dayton OH

The machines are a very solid product. We used the first bender so much we got another one a couple years later and use them both daily. The roller we have works very well for us on many jobs and is used every few months as the specific jobs dictate. It is nice to know that we have dependable machines to get the jobs out the door in a timely manner. Production time has reduced and that helps the bottom line.

Good People, Good Machines.
Reasonable price, would buy again, thanks Dave.

Richard Fox - Vice President/Shop Supervisor, RAMCO

We purchased our Ercolina Top Bender back in the early 90's and when it came time to upgrade we didn't think twice about buying a new Ercolina Mega Bender. I could never imagine going back to using elbows, with all the welding, grinding and labor involved.

Bob Cavanagh - Mid Island Steel