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Ercolina Customer Appreciation Day

Please R.S.V.P. with number attending to Kris Magiera.

563-391-7700  ext. 203



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Bent on bending article Features Ercolina Super Bender Plus

New Product offerings increase tube bending capabilities and improve performance.

Be sure to read this FAB Shop Magazine Direct article, “Bent on bending” which features Ercolina Super Bender Plus!


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Vertical or horizontal angle roll machine

Ercolina® has introduced the CE60H3 angle roll. Capable of bending a wide range of tubes, pipes and profiles, the CE60H3 angle roll model is designed to operate in either the vertical or horizontal position with a maximum bending capacity of 3-inch schedule 10.

The included control tower with low voltage controls has a foot pedal for hands-free operation, and programmable touchpad controls with digital center roll positioning on a remote pendant for increased repeatability. Memory storage offers eight individual programs and unlimited passes. A universal tool set is included for multiple profiles, and this model uses the same tooling as Ercolina’s CE50. The machine has a heavy duty structure and rigid components for high section modulus ratings and reinforced engineered mainframe design.

The CE60H3 features individual tie bar supports for each shaft to increase roll shaft rigidity and radii accuracy. The design increases distance between lower shafts and interaxes to accommodate a wider range of profiles. A larger hydraulic cylinder increases machine capacity.

Read article online at Tube & Pipe Technology Magazine.


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Automate Your Shop to Maximize ROI

Automate your shop with an Ercolina CNC Bender

Calculating return on investment (ROI) can provide valuable insight into your company’s potential business profit and future growth. In today’s competitive economic situation, you have likely automated your shop’s manufacturing capacity and functions in other areas. Why not consider bending automation? Let’s get started and see how using Ercolina CNC can increase profit, shop capacity, improve productivity and make you more competitive. The following information reinforces the value in purchasing an Ercolina CNC handrail tube and pipe bender. Most importantly you are purchasing from a professional company with a great track record of supplying quality machines and supporting their customers.

Analyzing your Return on Investment:

Begin by reviewing present bending capacity, consider…

  • How many bending machines are being used?
  • How many employees are required to operate each machine?
  • Is each employee qualified to operate the machine and prepare pre-bend layout operations? Often times only certain operators are truly efficient in both.
  • What is your average labor rate for a skilled worker?
  • Do current bending procedures require more than one operator work together to produce longer pieces, control part level and bend rotation?
  • What percentage of parts produced become scrap?
  • What after post-bend operations are currently required? Examples include: correcting the bend angle by heating with a torch, cutting material off after the bend, welding elbows, grinding weld seams etc.
  • What consumables are required? Weld rod, gas, grinding wheels, extra material, etc.

Evaluate your bending efficiency

How much faster is CNC bending?

For comparison a highly skilled operator using Ercolina’s NC semiautomatic models can produce a single handrail with four bends in approximately fifteen minutes, assuming the part was previously marked off and prepared for bending. Ercolina’s CNC Bender can produce the same four bend handrail from start to finish including programming time in less than five minutes. This represents a seventy percent improvement. CNC owners can easily complete several handrails in minutes. Future handrails can easily be reproduced by recalling the bend program.

Controlling Cost

When you really think about it, labor represents the one area employers do control. Other cost to be considered includes: material, insurance, building, supplies, state and federal tax workman’s compensation insurance and healthcare.

Value added benefits for business owners of Ercolina CNC benders

  • Mandrel benders produce higher quality work and overall part appearance
  • CNC machines accurately produce more work with less labor
  • Improved customer satisfaction through better delivery and pricing
  • Less rework and material scrap
  • Industry recognition as a top tier go-to fabricator
  • Increased shop workload capacity
  • Reliable labor cost for quoting purposes






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New Models featured in April 2017 Buyers Guide & Product Showcase

Ercolina and Scantool Models Featured

Ercolina is proud to present our new Super Bender® Plus and Top Bender® Plus rotary draw tube and pipe benders which eliminate the intense labor and difficult programming associated with many entry-level benders. Check out page 40 of the April 2017 issue of Fabricating & Metalworking to read more about these models. Page 41 features Scantool’s Wet Centerless Grinding and Polishing Machine, model 75CGC which incorporates a two-speed motor to better accommodate a variety of materials and tube with diameters 3/8″ to 3″.

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New Manufacturer Representative Named

Mike Storto - Ercolina Representative(DAVENPORT, Iowa) – CML USA, Inc., manufacturer of tube, pipe and profile bending and metalworking machinery, is pleased to announce the following addition to our current sales force.

Mike Storto, from Denver, CO, will serve as Ercolina’s new Manufacturer’s Representative responsible for Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. Mike has been with CML USA for 10 years, most recently as a customer service representative. His knowledge will be invaluable when you are ready to purchase your next Ercolina tube, pipe and profile bending machine or metalworking machinery.

Call CML USA, Inc. Ercolina at 563-391-7700 to receive contact information on your regional representative.

We invite you to tour our web site and find out why Ercolina continues to lead the industry in rotary draw tube & pipe bending machine equipment, NC and CNC Mandrel benders, angle rolls, section benders and tube & pipe notching machines. Contact CML USA, Inc. to discuss your next bending application, request a catalog, speak with your regional Ercolina representative or arrange a demonstration of Ercolina products, at 3100 Research Parkway, Davenport, IA 52806. Phone: 563-391-7700, Fax: 563-391-7710; Email:, or visit our website for rotary draw, angle roll-section benders and metalworking machinery at Don’t miss our new NC and CNC mandrel machine website at





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Top 4 Reasons to Choose Ercolina

Why Choose Ercolina®?

#4 – Metalworking Machinery

From pipe notchers and grinders to ornamental machinery and metalworking machines like the Era Press EP60 featured this month, Ercolina helps you accomplish the bends your unique project requires. See the Era Press EP60 in action!


#3 – Rotary Draw Machines

Ercolina offers a great selection of both NC and CNC Mandrel machines and non Mandrel rotary draw benders. We have Rotary Draw Tooling reference sheets available.

Machines that have quick startup programming sheets available.


#2 – Angle Rolls and Ring Rolls

Ercolina has a comprehensive selection of Ercolina angle roll/ring roll – section benders with capacities of 1-1/2″ to 4″ Sch. 40 pipe and angle iron.

See the innovative ideas one customer has used their CE100 to create!


#1 – It’s All About Support and Service!

Each month features examples of our different machines and how they can help you be more efficient and productive. Tech tips are offered to take the confusion out of bending.

Our network of knowledgeable dealers in the metal fabricating industry offers local sales and support. Call 563-391-7700 to receive contact information on your regional representative.

Have a difficult or unusual profile to bend? We are here to help you take care of your bending needs just call and ask how our support team can help!



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How to Make Quality Mandrel Bends


Quality mandrel bends can be difficult to obtain because when a tube is bent, the outside wall collapses and thins out and the inside compresses. When bending thin wall tube to a tight radius, it is necessary to use a mandrel and wiper die. The mandrel allows material to be bent into smooth curves minimizing the amount of ovality, undesirable creasing, kinking, or collapsing which can occur during the bending process.

When ordering mandrel tooling you must include the following information: profile shape, interior and exterior dimensions, wall thickness, material type, minimum distance between bends and the number of bends per day required. It is also highly recommended that you supply dimensional drawings of the finished product.



The center former, pressure die, clamp die, wiper die and flexible mandrel are specific to material type and dimension.

Component for Quality Mandrel Bends

Center Former/Bend Die: The primary tool which determines bend radius. Manufactured from tool steel or alloy steel and heat treated depending on requirements. Clamp face is serrated to assist grip strength.

Clamp Die

Clamp Die: Matches center former clamp surface. The clamp die’s primary function is to hold tube securely to the center former.


Pressure Die: Maintains constant pressure on tube at tangent where the bend occurs, providing reactionary force to make the bend. Length of the pressure die depends on the degree of bend (DOB) of part being bent and the machine design.


Wiper Die: Manufactured to match center former radius. Mounts into the groove of the center former with tip positioned near tangent point of bend.  Primary function is to prevent wrinkling on the inside radius of the tube. Wiper dies are typically manufactured from AMPCO® bronze.


Sample Quality Mandrel Bends

2″ Stainless Steel
.065 wall – 3″ CLR
Cutaway to show mandrel

Mandrels: Generally made from the same material as the wiper die. Primary function of the mandrel is to prevent inside diameter of the tube from collapsing to create quality mandrel bends. Choosing the correct mandrel is very important in determining the quality of bend. Three basic styles of mandrels are:
1. Plug mandrel used for heavier walled tube or large CLR bending.

2.  Standard open pitch mandrel is most widely used because it covers the widest range of bending applications. Standard mandrels are made with one to three balls. Open pitch mandrel is the most durable of the three flexible mandrel configurations because it uses the largest size links possible.

3. Thin wall mandrel (close pitch mandrel) used mostly for thin wall tubing. Thin wall style mandrels use the same style linkage as standard mandrels except the link size is the next size smaller than it would be on a standard mandrel. For example, where a standard style mandrel would use a #10 size link, a thin wall style mandrel would use a #9 size link. The ball segments are now closer together and provide more support needed for thin walled tube bending. Strength is sacrificed for more support.


Well, maybe two more. These items are just as important as the components listed above to create and maintain quality, repeatable mandrel bends on your Ercolina tube bender.


Collet: The collet is mounted in the tailstock of machine and holds material securely in carriage. Collets are size-specific and must match the tooling mounted on machine.

Lubrication: Comes in several different forms such as oil, grease, and paste. The kind of lubrication used will depend on material to be bent. A generous amount of lubrication may be applied to mandrel and inside of tube, however precautions should be taken to avoid getting lubrication on center former and clamp die. Proper lubrication is important to making good quality mandrel bends.


Ercolina’s line of CNC and NC mandrel benders are an investment in your business that will provide years of high-quality tubing, profile, and pipe bending.

Durable construction, innovative bending head design, and accurate NC control give our semi-automatic line of mandrel benders the ability to eliminate welds, elbows, and seams with quality bends. Sturdy steel construction and precise computer controls give our CNC bending machines the ability to create quality mandrel bends every time, even when your bending application requires complex or tight-radius bends.




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Upper Midwest Chapter of NOMMA holds Spring Meeting at Ercolina

April 22, 2016 marked the date of the NOMMA’s Upper Midwest Chapter Meeting held here at CML USA, in Davenport, IA. After their meeting, attendees were welcomed to demonstrations of Ercolina’s pipe benders and metalworking machines, along with any available software. All attendees were given the opportunity to increase their understanding of Ercolina machine operations and use us as a resource for their bending application questions.

Upper Midwest NOMMA Chapter Meeting






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Bending Machine Tips to Keeping it Square

angle bending machine

Tackling Angle Iron with a Rotary Draw Bending Machine

Anyone who has tried to bend angle iron material knows how difficult it can be to keep the material square while bending. Angle iron always wants to twist when it is drawn into a bend. Check out page 45 of the April 2016 issue of Fabricating & Metalworking and you will see how we were able to assist a valued customer by modifying their tooling. Our service techs fabricated a roller pressure die to support the legs of the material while bending angle iron on a rotary draw bending machine. Applying pressure in this manner keeps the angle iron material from twisting.

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