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Easy Part Bending Software

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Use Ercolina’s Super Bend-Tech SE bending software to quickly layout and produce drawings for pipe and tube rotary draw bending applications! Ideal for use with A40-P two axis positioner.

Key Features

  • Easy to Use
  • Create your own parts and dimension prints
  • Eliminate unnecessary material scrap
  • Previous layout and design experience not required
  • Mouse pick points allow dimension placement
  • Dimension with decimals or fractions
  • Save part program files for later use
  • Information material data base included
  • CLR or inside radius (adjustable for each bend)
  • Create printable dimensioned model, shaded model, flat layout & title block
  • Flat layout of cut length & bending locations
  • Can be dimensioned from start of bend, end of bend & center of bend, or either direction
  • Print includes bending data such as bend angles, CLR or inside radius, rotation angle & bend order
  • Preferences: color, text size & arrow size are saved in user definable data bases
  • Verifies sufficient material is available for bending process
  • Provides spring back bend angle
  • Extra checking tools provided to verify part validity
  • Allows multiple dies to be used on the same part
  • Graphical layout interface provided
  • Advanced LRA “Length, Rotation & Angle” design interface
  • Powerful reverse engineering feature
  • Inch to metric conversion
  • Modules included:
    • LRA Module: transfers any part into XYZ data when entering LRA information into Custom Part interface; XYZ data available
    • Railing Module: includes hand railing template and a chord window for large radius bending
    • Import Module: Cad Import/Export Module allows .dxf and .dwg 3d files to be imported and will export files via .dxf
    • Estimating Module: Helps define project cost


All Ercolina machines have downloadable material, available in PDF format.
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