Tube and Pipe Benders

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CML USA, Inc. offers a great selection of Ercolina tube and pipe benders with capacities of 1-1/4″ to 6″. Click on a machine below to see features and video of the machine in action. If you aren’t sure what you need, contact us and we will walk you through which tube bender will best suit your requirements. Refer to the FAQ page to discover more information about the tube bending process.

Top Bender Series

Ercolina TB180 tube & pipe bender
TB180 Top Bender
6″ tube capacity
6″ Sch. 10 pipe capacity
TB130 tube and pipe benders
TB130 Top Bender
5″ tube capacity
4″ Sch. 40 pipe capacity
TB100 for tube and pipe bendingTB100 Top Bender
4″ tube capacity
3″ Sch. 40 pipe capacity
030 Mega Bender Tube Bender
Converts to Mandrel Bender
with Accessory

030 Mega Bender
3″ tube capacity
2-1/2″ Sch. 10 pipe capacity
TB60 pipe benderFabricator's Favorite Tube & Pipe BendersMultiple Program
2 Speeds
Larger CLR Capacity
TB60 Top Bender
2-1/2″ tube capacity
2″ Sch. 40 pipe capacity
TB050 Classic Pipe and Tube Bender Multiple Program
2 Speeds
Top Bender 050 Classic
2-1/2″ tube capacity
2″ Sch. 40 pipe capacity
050KD Top Bender for tube and pipe bendingSimple Control
Single Program
Single Speed 

050 KD Top Bender
2-1/2″ tube capacity
2″ Sch. 40 pipe capacity



Super Bender Series


Medi Bender Series

SB48 Tube and Pipe BenderFabricator's Favorite Tube & Pipe BendersSB48 Super Bender
2″ tube capacity
1-1/2″ Sch. 40 pipe capacity
Ercolina MB42B Benchtop tube and pipe benderMB42B Benchtop
1-1/2″ tube capacity
1″ Sch. 40 pipe capacity
070 Medi Bender tube and pipe bender070 Medi Bender
1-1/4″ tube capacity
1″ Sch. 10 pipe capacity