Surplus Inventory & Used Machinery

Demo & Used MachinerySurplus inventory and used machinery models are fully functional and serviced as needed prior to listing.

Promotional pricing valid in USA only. Contact Ercolina for your regional pricing.
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Condition codes:

A – Near to original condition: full twelve (12) month factory warranty

B – Above average condition, shows little wear: nine (9) month factory warranty

C – Average condition, shows some wear: six (6) month factory warranty

Rotary Draw Models




SB48 Super Bender

TB100 Top Bender Demo

TB130 Top Bender Demo

Rotary Draw Accessories

A40/P Two Axis Positioner

Angle Roll – Ring Roll – Section Bender Models

CE100H3-RLI Angle Roll Demo


Angle Roll – Ring Roll – Section Bender Accessories

CR4A8 CE40 Scroll Accessory

CR5A8 CE50 Scroll Accessory

CT4/2300 CE40 Bar Twisting Device

CT5/2300 CE50 Bar Twisting Device

Mandrel Bending Machines

Demo 030 Mandrel Bender with 5' Table

030 Mandrel Bender with 5 ft. Table Demo

Scantool Grinders

Demo Scantool Grinder

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