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Ercolina offers so much more…

Ercolina has long been known as the leading manufacturer of pipe and tube bending machines, but did you know CML USA, Inc. supplies so much more fabricating machinery, offering a wide variety of metalworking equipment which includes pipe and tube notcher grinders, tube swaging and tube flanging, ornamental iron working machines, industrial belt grinders, plate roll machines.

After bending pipe and tube, many applications require end forming and or notching. Think of all the times you needed to create a frame or join two tubes. Ercolina offers a super-efficient method of notching to the desired angle in seconds, creating a perfect fit to the mating tube or pipe for welding the joints together. This accurate notching method eliminates labor, hand grinding, cleaning and deburring operations. Notches look much better and the quality of finished parts is superior – satisfying customers’ requirements for a quality look. Ercolina notchers have capacity range to 4 inches depending on the model.

All industrial belt grinding machines are not created equal. CML USA, Inc. – Scantool brand has long been the standard in the industry for abrasive belt grinding machines. With fifty plus years’ experience, our belt grinders out perform the competition and are warrantied for five years. Our grinders allow you to grind safely, removing material rapidly without vibration. Heavy rubber contact wheel provides safe consistent grinding area that does not require dressing and is always in balance. Adjusting the belt grinder to the working height of each operator is convenient, easy and accommodates bigger material as well. Large areas that require grinding can be tackled using the convenient top grinding table supported by graphite pad increasing the grinder’s productivity. Cheaper competitive belt grinding machines often lose belt tracking and require more frequent belt replacement. Scantool’s abrasive belts are easily adjusted with tool free adjustment of belt tracking system located near the operator to quickly match abrasive to the application while keeping the safety guards on the machine. All our abrasive grinders include adjustable tool rest and eye shield, quiet operation, emergency stop with motor brake stops belt when motor is turned off, No-volt release with built in safety switch, detachable spark arrestor for easy cleaning. If your shop requires a clean working environment our belt grinders are available with powered dust extraction for easy removal of the material from the area. Optional centerless grinding attachment can be fitted to most models and quickly grinds and polishes tube and pipe with outside diameters up to four inches.

Cold end forming the end of tube and pipe is one of the most fascinating processes to watch. When applications call for the end of the tube to be expanded or reduced to fit inside the mating tube this is referred to as swaging. Many tubes have the elasticity to form, however each material should be evaluated for these characteristics to determine the percentage of swage possible. End forming the tube can also mean forming the end of the tube into a flange. Tube and pipe is often flanged to allow the tube to fit into a mating bracket or receptor. Flanging the tube eliminates weld joints and creates quick-to-assemble connections. Ercolina’s Hydraulic flanging machine offers easy change-over tooling sets. Tooling is made to accommodate the flare end degree anywhere to ninety degrees.

Plate roll machines are often considered when applications require rolling different kinds of metal sheet into a round or conical shapes. Plate rolls are also referred to as roll bending machines, plate bending machines or sometimes just a rolling machine. To accommodate a variety of applications there are different kinds of technology to roll the metal plate. Ercolina offers a wide range of plate rolls with three- and four-rolls. Four roll models allow the easier prebending from either side because the side rolls do the work of bending. Four-roll machines can prove to have greater versatility. Plate rolls with three rolls rely on the top roller to achieve the desired plate radius and have fewer moving parts therefore can be easier to operate. Ercolina does offer a plate roll control that remembers and learns the desired step process to make it easier to create repeat parts. Before forming flat sheet into a cylinder or cone consider the material grade, strength and desired final shape. Selecting the correct plate roll and plate roll control also depends on the amount of production and the degree of accuracy required for the roll application. Either way Ercolina trained staff can supply the plate roll specifications, and help you determine which plate roll is appropriate for your needs.

Ercolina metalworking and fabricating machines are priced well within most customers’ budget range. CML USA, Inc. works with several lease companies to offer our customers the best solution for their shop finances. For more lease information and obtain a cost estimate, equipment financing options are available from our website

If you require assistance to determine which Ercolina metal workingmachines are right for your shop, our highly trained staff is ready to assist you and discuss your applications.